50 Days of Worship

Unite the Body of Christ & Grow the Local Church

About Our Mission

To unite the body of Christ and grow the local church through growing in personal and corporate worship and encouraging unity without conformity.

The churches in our communities all seem to be doing their own thing. They’re always looking for different ways to connect with new members, deepen the faith of their current members, and partner with other churches to see maximum impact for God’s kingdom. We know what it’s like to feel stuck but not know what the next steps are. That’s why we’re partnering with churches across Southwest Florida to help people grow their faith and create unity in the body of Christ.

The mission is simple: 50 days of worship. All are welcome and encouraged to join. Each partner church will have the opportunity to host one or more nights and attend the other nights. The results for your members will be a deepening of their faith through worship and exposure to other styles of worship. Your church will benefit from greater exposure and reach in the community. You’ll no longer have to feel like you’re doing ministry alone because you’ll be connected to lead pastors across Southwest Florida. Join us and elevate your church and worship experience.


Picture This


God is sitting at the end of a long banquet table with hundreds of empty chairs up and down both sides. One by one, individuals come and sit in their chair and have a meal with Him. He knows them, and they know Him. They have great fellowship and time together. Then, that person leaves and, after a while, another comes and does the same thing. You begin to realize that God enjoys his communion with his children but wishes to have his table full... To have the whole family together. In Unity. That’s the heart behind 50 Days of Worship. We’re partnering with churches across Southwest Florida to help people grow their faith and create unity in the body of Christ

Our Values








Getting excited for the event? So are we! Check out what people are saying about 50 Days of Worship.

“We believe this event is strategic in what God is doing in the church in SWFL. The sole purpose of this event is to see unity among the church without expectation of conformity. We look forward to partnering with them and other believers!”

- Pastor Ryan Deaton, Life Church

“It is my pleasure to endorse the 50 Days of Worship Movement for Southwest Florida. Charlie Small, event organizer and coordinator, has a passion for bringing the Church together to worship God. It is always good to see brothers and sisters dwelling together in unity, especially to worship our Lord.”

- Pastor Nolen Rollins, Legacy Church Estero, President - Kingdom Mobilization


Interested in learning more about how you can get involved in our event? Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions.